10 Things You Can Do with a Can of Paint

You might recall that prior to us buying a house, there was almost zero home content on this site.  It wasn’t that I wasn’t interested, but renovations aren’t cheap and neither is (most) furniture, so as long as we were living like nomads hopping from one apartment to the next, I didn’t see a reason to really commit and invest.  That all changed when we bought our first place, though.  We did small updates like the kitchen and big renovations like our bathroom and some rooms that just needed new furniture… like a crib!  Looking for a weekend update? Here are 10 home improvements you can make with just a can of paint!

10 Things You Can Do with a Can of Paint

1. Kitchen cabinets are super pricey to replace– try a fresh coat of paint instead!

2. Painting our front door was when of the best and most inexpensive things we have ever done!

3. A fresh coat of paint to a laundry room makes it much more enjoyable to match socks!

4. Go pink in a kid’s room!

5. A simple accent wall can transform a space!

6. Bold color in a playroom or living space is always a conversation starter!

7. Something neutral helps these accents to pop!

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  1. Years ago when I took down my wooden closet rods, I bought some finials spray painted everything gold and used them for curtain rods. I spray painted a set of mismatched dining chairs flat black then used furniture wax over them for protection. Much cheaper than many of the paints on the market today.

  2. Charlotte


    Hey, could I ask you where you got your chimney breast tiles from? They are amazing. Xx

    • Jen Pinkston


      I’m not sure where the ones in the picture are from. I’m sorry! Maybe try doing a google image search?

  3. Loooooovvvveeee IT….Stunning photos….thanks Jen xx

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