10 Things To Do This Weekend

Happy Friday, friends! I hope your first foray into 2017 has been a good one.  This week was undoubtedly spent with more than a little catching up after the break, but I wouldn’t trade it for the two weeks off in December with my family.  We are celebrating my birthday tonight with my whole family– one of the perks of being back in Austin. Just to make things feel totally full circle, I’m dragging them to The County Line, a barbecue place that I would ask to go for every year for my birthday! As for the rest of the weekend, I’m excited for the chance to shut my laptop tomorrow and get some organizing done around the house.  We are going to be out shopping for a house to rent here in Austin while construction continues on our forever house which means we might have another little move on our hands shortly.  Anyone have any leads here in Austin?!  Keeping our fingers crossed and checking Zillow every day! Happy Friday!

1. Listen to an audiobook… for free!

2. Wear blush.

3. Set aside 20 minutes for meditation. See the benefits here and how to get started here.

4. Enjoy a glass of wine. (Or two. or three….)

5. After said glass (or glasses) of wine, donate to a worthy cause.  Two that are near and dear to me are here and here.

6. Soak up some life advice from these leading ladies…

7. Don’t buy anything that’s non-essential. The easiest way to declutter is to not collect it in the first place.

8. Speaking of clutter, tackle that kitchen drawer… you know the one. Or better yet, the whole pantry!

9. Invite a friend to do something together that you would normally do by yourself.

10. Make something from scratch. Soup? Cake? Sourdough bread?

image source via Neiman Marcus

  1. Paige Mitchell


    Happy Birthday. My favorite was always Green Mesquite. Now I live in Charlotte and still miss Austin a lot!!

    • Jen Pinkston


      I’ve still never tried Green Mesquite! Adding it to my list– thanks for the rec!

  2. Love everything on the list. Probably won’t get it all don’t in one weekend.


  3. Happy birthday Jen and can’t wait for the reveal of the Pinkstons forever home xx

  4. Great read! Happy weekend!



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