10 Things to Try This Weekend


Because the week days can be so busy, the weekends are a highly coveted, much looked forward to holy place. I find myself in this juxtaposed place of wanting to slow down and savor every moment while at the same time wanting them to feel full and fun. Last week we published our first weekend to do list and I actually enjoyed it so much! It was something that I kept coming back to when I wondered what we should do.  So what did we do? We “stuffed the bus” at Whole Foods with non-perishable items for the local food bank and donated gifts to Brown Santa. We baked Cinnamon Rolls on Saturday morning and I even held my tongue as Parker rolled flour and brown sugar from the countertop to the floor in an almost rhythmic way. I cleaned out my closet and felt the sweet calm that comes from purging and staring a newly organized space in the face.  So let’s do it again, shall we? Below are 10 Things to Do this weekend  (or you can check out this list, too)…

1. Light a fire: There are zero things cozier or more relaxing than a fire in the fire place. No fire place? Maybe build your own fire pit? Or commandeer a friend’s?!

2. Take a photo with Santa: No matter how old you are, grab a friend and get your grin on.

3. Download the NPR app: Someone recommended them as their favorite news source in this post, and I’ve really been enjoying them as my news source.

4. Shake up a special cocktail. I love a bottle of wine as much as the next person, but time to hone those cocktail mixing skills before New Year’s Eve.

5. Wear sweatpants for an extended period of time.

6. Make a recipe that you long ago pinned on Pinterest and always ogle, but have never before actually made.

7. Summer is over. If she is still hanging in your closet, pack her up so you can see all of those great winter pieces just begging to be worn.

8. Be extra complimentary. To your mom, to your friends, to the stranger at the grocery store.

9. Get your workout on!

10. Received any earlier holiday gifts? Get a jump on those thank you cards while watching one of your favorite Christmas movies.

Happy Weekend, friends! We are back next week with more posts before sending off into the holiday weekend!

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  1. Jennifer


    Should have left a comment in last week’s post so instead I’ll leave one this week. LOVE these lists! Man, some of them are so basic and yet somehow never even make it as a consideration when thinking about my weekend. Seriously, thank you for drumming up and sharing out such thoughtful ideas!

    • Jen Pinkston


      Honestly, they started as lists I was making in my head of things I wanted to do before Christmas with Parker and then I figured it might be fun to mix up our Friday posts a bit. I’m SO glad you’ve enjoyed them! We might just have to keep them coming 🙂 Xo

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