10 Things I’m Watching, Reading and Listening to Right Now: April Edition

I have talked about this before, but always appreciate the reminder to make space for consumption. I’ll explain. In blogging, you are in a constant wheel of concepting new ideas, bringing those ideas to life, and pressing publishing on new content. It’s incredibly time consuming and also easy to manage whether it does or does not get done. Either a post goes up on Monday or it doesn’t. On the other hand, the consumption of books, podcasts, art, new music and conversation are things that can’t be measured or ticked off the to do list and yet are so vital to the whole process. I find that if all I am doing is creating on repeat I can easily find myself burnt out. Making time to do these unquantifiable things—meet up with new people, finally crack open that book on my nightstand– may seem less important on the surface, but they refresh me and add so much to my work. We did A LOT of driving in Iceland, so I thought I would share my current ‘10 Things’ list with you and would love if you would share some of what you’ve been reading, watching, and listening to with me in the comments or on Instagram!

(shot at The Carpenter Hotel)

1. Sallie Krawcheck on Super Women with Rebecca Minkoff: I’ll share more another time, but one of my goals this year was really to focus on investing for our family so this resonated with me so much. Also, hearing her reiterate the importance of talking about money made me think of this post. It’s a journey, but so important that we DO IT!

2. Free Solo Documentary: Watching this is like watching the scene at the end of Argo where the plane is taking off, but for almost 100 minutes. I knew how it ended and still my palms were sweating and my heart racing! (Also, since watching this, we’ve taken to calling Ever ‘Free Solo’ because she’s always climbing on everything and fearless.)

3. Radical Inclusivity on Another Name for Everything with Richard Rohr: So much of Mr. Rohr’s spiritual beliefs ring so true for me. It’s super deep, but no matter what you believe, the way he turns a lot of theology on it’s head is thought provoking at the very least and so inspiring to me personally. I loved the line “We focus on the cozy and have lost the cosmic”.

4. Green Book: This movie was so great and I might take some heat for saying this, but it was so nice to finally have an Oscar winning picture that was uplifting and hopeful and not totally dark. This is a MUST SEE!

5. Designing Your Life: I get so many questions on Instagram and in my inbox from people who are trying to figure out what they want to do in life and this book just might be the ultimate guide. There are so many good and actionable takeaways here!

6. Where’d Ya Go Bernadette? : This was an impulse buy in the Austin airport and by the time we landed in Iceland I had finished it and was so sad it was over! For sure you’ve seen it on a million books lists the last couple of years, but if you’re like me and somehow avoided it, don’t wait any longer!

7. Joy Cho on Building a Team on Jenna Kutcher: Sometimes podcasts can feel self-serving, like a press release in podcast interview form, but not this one. Joy is one of the most generous humans and this podcast is no exception. She shares so much practical and applicable wisdom here!

8. Jane Fonda in Five Acts on HBO: I watched this on the plane home from Iceland. It was captivating and interesting and deeply sad, but my biggest takeaway from it was how many more opportunities my generation of women and my daughters’ generation of women have than those that came before us and because of the work they did on our behalf.

9. Bohemian Rhapsody: The acting in this is SO good and the costuming and the music! It’s a beautifully done.

10. Oprah on Goop Podcast: I was a little young for the heyday of the Oprah show and really enjoyed hearing some of the stories about those early days and the impact that Oprah and the show had on people. I also loved Oprah’s mindfulness, how she would keep herself in the present, and the steps she would take to protect herself spiritually and emotionally when she was about to encounter something dark.

Photography by Katie Jameson

(Jeans, Madewell || Sweater, J.Crew (similar and similar) || Sneakers, Golden Goose || Hair Scarf, Madewell || Necklace, Madison McKinley)

  1. Katie H


    Where’d You Go Bernadette is a favorite! I don’t know how I feel about the upcoming movie, but I will definitely watch it.

  2. I loved Bohemian Rhapsody! I’ll need to check out the others!

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