10 Dreamy Before and After Outdoor Projects

It’s still spring here in Austin which means it’s not just bearable outside, it’s down right gorgeous. These days I am looking for every excuse I can find to get outside and have been checklisting outdoor projects for at least the last month. It’s helpful for me to focus on one space and really nail everything down before moving on to another and right now my whole focus is our backyard. I’ll be sharing our before and progress shots of our space in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime wanted to share some seriously enviable backyard before and afters from around the interwebs. Some are large in scale, but some you could easily do this weekend! (Also, if you want to see the real nitty gritty before photos of our yard from construction, see here!)

This is so genius and so easy!  You can actually buy all kinds of concrete tile look-alike stencils like this one online.

(via Steffys Pros and Cons)

I have been in search of the perfect playhouse for the girls and while I don’t think we are going to be building one custom, this one from Emily is pretty dreamy.

(via Emily Henderson)

My first thought when I saw this? How is it even the same space! The lighting, the overhang, the updated railing– it’s all so perfect!

(via Livvy Land)

I have playhouses on my mind in a major way and this update is so great!

(via Winter Daisy)

I think one of the hardest parts about outdoor space is figuring out how to break it up into different moments. This fire pit moment is perfect for this corner spot!

(via  Pretty Prudent)

I love how this space isn’t huge, but they were able to make such great use of what they have. My kids would love this so much!

(via Real Estate AU)

So genius! I love that putting the planters on the fence keeps them high and away from a lot of little critters, but also saves valuable space for people looking to make the most of their yard or patio space.

(via Thrift Diving)

Little corner nooks are my favorite and this one turned out sooooo dreamy!

(via Castle Hill)

Can you even handle this reveal?! That tile is such a major moment and that lighting is everything.

(via Sivan Ayla)

Again with the playhouses! I love when people put their own spin on them!

(via Emma Plus Three)

PS. If you enjoyed this post, see more of our own backyard and outdoor projects and inspirations here!

  1. I cannot believe some of the transformation on some of these! They are amazing!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

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