10 Chic Hairstyles to Consider for Fall

Fall is the time I hit the re-start button on my wardrobe, routines, and work-life balance. I always want to turn a fresh page at the end of summer and wipe away the sweat and laziness that linger with summer relaxation. I’m anxious to take action and make my next move! My go-to  way to get the wheels turning is to adjust my hair and beauty routine—something that’s just enough for me to notice a refreshing lift in my life and feel a sense of experimentation and adventure. It’s a feeling of bravery, this forced change of habit. Taking on a new haircut or style is a risk. You only know if you like it by trying it. Sometimes you just have to chop the locks and see what shape the hair takes. You might end up looking like a cartoon character you despise (speaking from experience…), but you always wonder until you try. This sense of discomfort I feel when trying out a new trend is what induces me to venture out of my comfort zone in other parts of my life. Holding onto the little things (like routines and hair) loosely is how I realize that change is what causes growth. Learning how to fix my hair in a new way is just a small adjustment I make in life that prepares me for the big plot twists that are ultimately thrown my way…

If you’re feeling adventurous this fall, try out some of these trendy hairstyles below! I’m personally considering the color trend since little Miss. Parker Pinkston suggested I dye my hair rainbow the other week… Very unicorn chic!

1. Purple Dye

via Elle

2. The Vintage Bangs

via Refinery 29

3. The Headband (I’m wearing this one on repeat, but also love this one!)

via Good Housekeeping

4. Colored Hair Combs

via Allure

5. The Chopped Bob

via Cosmopolitan

6. The Pony-Tail Scarf

via Brit + Co

7. Temporary Rose Gold

via Barefoot Blonde

8. Statement Braids

via In Style

9. The Bow

via Vogue

10. Hair Chains

via Harper’s Bazaar

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  1. I love wearing headbands. I just got my hair cut over the weekend and I told my hairdresser to go shorter but now I think it’s too short. Good thing hair grows.

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

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