A Romper, a Headband, and a Spring Bucket List

Spring officially sprung more than a couple weeks ago, but we’ve still got a couple months until summer to make the most of this most glorious season before the real summer heat sets in. Last summer when I impulsively dubbed the season #BestSummerEver, I learned a lesson that really struck a chord in me and has stuck with me ever since. There was something to setting an intention for the season, a mantra or goal of sorts, that set the tone for the months to come and really helped us to make the most of that time. It really was the best …

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Gluten Free Carrot Coconut Bundt Cake

Happy Easter friends! I have always loved Easter Sunday. When I was growing up it was a day of pretty dresses, church, family, and too much food. My mother would always go to the nines with ham, corn casserole, broccoli salad, green beans, and of course adorable Easter baskets filled with fun goodies. I have a few memories of the desserts we would eat, certainly Buttermilk Pie would make an appearance, along with my mom’s famous peanut butter fudge, and sometimes we would go to a family friends for lunch and an Easter egg hunt, and I …

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