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5 Bucket List Places to Visit this Fall

There’s no denying that summer is the obvious travel season. The kids are out of school, many offices incite summer hours, and your social media feeds are likely filled with destination after beautiful destination, tempting you to book your own plane ticket. For us, it’s when Aaron is on hiatus so it’s always been our best time for travel.  I’m convinced, though, that fall is really the ideal time to travel. The weather is often times a perfect mix of daytime sunshine and cool evenings, airports and cities alike are …

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Two-for-One Recipes || Peach Rosemary BBQ Pulled Chicken

The most requested recipes I (Lauren) get are easy meals, so this month I’ve got a series that will offer you the chance to take one cooked ingredient and turn it into 2 meals or maybe for you it’s a meal and then the other recipe is lunch for the week. Either way these will save you time, energy, and effort! This week we’ll take one whole chicken, stick it in a crockpot and use half to make Peach Rosemary BBQ Pulled Chicken and the other half to make a Roasted Corn Chicken Chili (recipe coming next week!). I like to call this recipe …

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