Must-Read! Our Best Summer Book Recommendations for 2019

Looking for your next summer read?! Our Best Summer Book Recommendations lists are always some of our most visited posts and we hope you enjoy this one just as much as we enjoyed putting it together! Happy Friday, friends! The girls go back to school for a shorter summer week starting next week so we have been living it up the past few days. We’ve decided that pool life is the best life and these longer summer nights are the things that dreams are truly made of. The slower pace of summer makes it ideal for reading and it’s my …

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The Seamstress, A Love Story: Everything You Need to Know About Tailoring

We’ve all been there. Standing in our closet holding an item that we haven’t worn for months or staring into a mirror and thinking, “If only it were shorter / longer / tighter / looser / insert adjective here.” Maybe we bought the item on sale because the deal was so too good to pass up or maybe five years has passed and it just doesn’t fit the same. To tailor or to donate? That is the question I asked myself every time I picked up this skirt. The right answer for me ended up being the former, but keep reading …

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