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  • When olay asked me to share a story of fearlessness
  • What started as our office reveal turned into a debrief
  • Embracing summer the constant sweat the need for two daily
  • Im just a girl who finished putting her four year

How-To In The Kitchen | Pickled Vegetables

This week we are talking pickles. But not just your average shelf pickle, these are homemade pickled vegetables, perfect for snacking, charcuterie boards, and as a side at your next bbq. What’s so great about these pickled vegetables? They are easy to make, tasty AND they are good for you. I talked a little about my health issues in my gluten free bread blog, and how changing my diet turned me into a believer that what we eat truly affects our health. All that said, another major change I made to improve my gut health was increasing my …

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Striped Pants + Crop Tops at The Austin Power Plant

I was spending time on Saturday morning watching Ever play in the play room. She will be 11 months at the end of this month.  She is my human alarm clock and when I hear her begin to wake I make my way to the kitchen, make my morning latte and then go up to see her.  I love those first morning glances as I slowly push the door to her room open, followed by the feeling of her sweet, chubby body curling up on mine when I pick her up. I bring her downstairs and she nurses in the playroom where we spend the next 45 minutes together– she …

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