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3 Trends We’re Loving for Spring / Summer ’18

It feels like 90% of my life is playdates and preschool drop-off, breastfeeding and working from home, so naturally my day-to-day wardrobe is pretty unfussy and practical.  I love lunch meetings and work events, date nights and parties as an excuse to dress up, but the truth is that my favorite denim mini and silk tops just aren’t that functional for my current every day. (You can see what I’m actually wearing every day in our March Outfit Highlights on Instagram!)   That being said, I started chatting with one of the gals from …

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Living Well: How to Protect Your Eyes in the Digital Age

Is it just me or are we all living in an age when a digitally lit screen feels omnipresent?  I’m guessing I’m not the only one who finds that blue light emitting devices dominate my work day.   Whether it’s a television, a laptop, an iPad, or your trusty cell phone, you would be hard pressed to go a single day without staring for minutes (hours?) on end into one of them.  (Actually, more than 83% of Americans report using a digital device for more than 2 hours a day.)  I have blue eyes that are particularly sensitive to bright …

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