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  • Headed to Santa Fe today with my mama and sisters
  • If were being honest Ive always been kind of antidiaper
  • How was this already six months ago?! Love you little
  • Yall! My Greek MotherinLaw so generously shared her Spanakopita recipe

Two-for-One Recipes || Shredded Pork Stuffed Japanese Sweet Potatoes

We are continuing our two-for-one series but this time, I’m switching up the protein. If you’re just tuning in, what I mean when I say “two-for-one” you get to take one main ingredient and spread it across two meals, saving some time and energy. Sometimes I freeze half the protein and make one of the meals at a later date and then other times I make both at once and eat one for dinner and make the other for lunch for the week. Next week we’ll step into the tex-mex realm using the second half to make Carnitas Fajita Bowls, but this …

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The Best of Tees for Fall

‘Dependable’ isn’t a word very often times associated with the fashion industry, but if there’s one thing we can count on each season, it’s that there will always be a place in your wardrobe for a tee. Whether you’re layering it under a tailored suit, front-tucking it into a midi skirt, or pairing it with your favorite jeans, this staple is for you. I especially love a tee for juxtaposing a piece that’s more elevated to create an overall look that’s more relaxed and casual.  Keep scrolling for …

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