Thoughts on Developing Your Own Personal Sense of Style

I spent the better part of twenties thinking about personal style. I thought about the personal style of clients, whether it was for a red carpet or a magazine. I was constantly contemplating what a certain look or color would say about them and if it felt true and authentic to what they would naturally gravitate towards had a stylist not been hired. What would make that person feel so comfortable and confident in what they were wearing that they wouldn’t be thinking about their clothes when they could be thinking about so many other …

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10 Ways to Wear Yellow This Season Like the Cool Girl You Already Are

I have loved neutrals for as long as I can remember, but there’s a strange phenomena happening in my closet right now. A crop of color is popping up everywhere from the dress section to my little acrylic tray of earrings and I am fully loving it. Love. Ing. It. There’s actually so much that’s happening in fashion right now that has me excited. For starters, The Cut has been producing such cool and thoughtful style content like this piece and with every new campaign it seems we are inching our way to a more inclusive fashion …

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