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  • A SmirnoffUS vodka sangria for the weekend? Yes please! Wehellip
  • Today was our first shoot day since baby and Ihellip

Oktoberfest Braided Bun Hair Tutorial

Happy Monday, friends!  How were your weekends? We are in the thick of newborn life over here, but starting to see out of the haze that is feed, sleep, wake, repeat. We spent the weekend picnic-ing with friends on Saturday and then cooked dinner for my parents on Sunday out of this cookbook that I can’t get enough of.  How were your weekends? If you’re looking for an easy hair style to start the week, this is for you! (Plus, it’s perfect for second or third day hair if you don’t feel like shampooing this morning.) …

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Real Talk with Real Moms: Technology

I remember my first friend to get a pager.  It was seventh grade and it was a Christmas present from his parents, but he found it the week of Thanksgiving and was so excited that he promptly passed out the number to friends.  For the entire month of December he was then obligated to look dumbfounded when the small box under the tree would begin to vibrate endlessly during the evenings as their family was gathered around the television.  A couple years later I was a freshman in high school when I accompanied my dad to Dillards to pick out …

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